Holiday Puns! CONTEST ENDED!

(I almost feel like I should bar Alex Lionheart from this one, but that wouldn’t be fair…)

Holiday Puns. Oh yeah, we’re going there. Come along with us and we just might make it worth your while…



Let’s make this quick so you can get started! We want your BEST (or is that worst?) Holiday season pun. Just a one or two liner, and only one entry per person. I know some of y’all are gifted punsters, and are inclined to send us an e-mail with a dozen puns – we’re just gonna count the first. Send your best/worst holiday pun to with the subject HOLIDAY CONTEST! Get that entry in by 12:01AM Central time on Wednesday, December 17 and you just might win a little something. Here’s how it breaks down.

We’ll pick three entries at random, and each of those folks will win 2,500 coins o’the realm – I’m talking Crowns.

Then we’re gonna pick our runner up. The one who finished just a split second behind the winner. That talented punster will win a Wizard101 Fishing Bundle!

And finally, the crème de la crème of Holiday puns will earn it’s creator a Wizard101 Evergreen Bundle AND a copy of Pixel Piracy!

(Pixel Piracy requires a Steam account to activate. You cannot install Pixel Piracy without a Steam account and the Steam software installed on your PC. Pixel Piracy is rated T for Teens by the ESRB for mild violence and mild suggestive themes.)

Be absolutely sure to include your Wizard name! We’ll announce winners on Spiral Radio101 episode 25 on Wednesday, December 17! Good luck!

And while we’re talking about the holidays, who remembers these?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Puns! CONTEST ENDED!

  1. Yep when I saw the word pun and contest the first thought of mine was definitely Alexander Lionheart 😛 He could make names for KI with those puns he has.

  2. Wizard101 the game is not a shame a game of fun who can you blame?? I know who the monsters in the spiral watch us battle as this game go Viral lol!!!

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