Thanksgiving Prize Winners!

Hey guys! As you know, I took ill the night we were to record episode 25. We had plans to get together and record a studio show for episode 25, but timing has been a real pain in the rear. So, in the interest of getting things moving along and getting prizes into your hands, I thought I’d go ahead and announce them here…

First off, we picked three winners at random, and each will win a random Wizard101 pet. Congratulations to:


James Swiftrunner

Timothy Liferider

Then we picked our favorite entry, and it wasn’t easy – we really had some standouts, but there was one that hit us all right in the feels:

Hi.  As a player, I’m thankful that wizard101 allows me to do something with my kids while I’m working out of state.

My wizard is thankful for all the friends he’s made.  This is gonna be a bit of a lengthy anecdote, but it has a happy ending.  I promise.  When it first came out, one of my wizard’s friends bought the Wisteria house, and couldn’t wait to show it off to all her friends.  She disappeared from the game for a while, and when I next saw her wizard online, I started talking to her.  It was actually the player’s sister. The wizard’s player had passed away due to heart failure.  I wanted to do something in her memory.  I bought the house, and planted an angel oak at what she said was her favorite spot.  Since then, I’ve been asking all my good in-game friends to pick a plant, and I now have a friend garden in the courtyard area of the house, with all the plants in second season.

The house now has 2 angel oaks for players I’ve known who have passed, but it has quite a few plants for friends.  Every time I show up at that house, I’m reminded of the friends I’ve made in game, and how the KI games foster a friendly environment for playing.

A giant congratulations to Michael Battlehunter, who will win a random Wizard101 pet, his choice of Arcane Builders castles, and a copy of Guns of Icarus Online. Congratulations, Michael, and thank you for sharing your entry with us.

I’m going to announce another contest in a post tomorrow, so be sure and check back with us on Friday the 12th!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Prize Winners!

  1. Wow, what a beautiful and touching story. It makes me tear up just reading it. It is a beautiful idea and I may incorporate it. Much better than using a headstone. I suspect the sale of Angel Oaks is gonna go WAY up

  2. Wow, that truly is what friends are for, this is a prime example that everyone we meet really do matter to everyone. You are not forgotten oh wizard, you are missed more than you can imagine. And yes, I assume that the buying of Angel Oaks will increase as well, I am now thinking about it myself Chrissy.

  3. Thanks guys. I probably won’t put that house on tours, but I may open it for a tour. thanks Stephen and Christina.

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