SR101 at Phoenix Comicon 2017


My annual pilgrimage starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited. Phoenix Comicon starts Thursday, May 25, and runs through Sunday, May 28 with LOTS of cool panels, great guests, fun cosplay, and tons (and tons and tons) of wallet-destroying merch to be had.

If you can make it, HIT ME UP! Holler at me on Twitter and we’ll meet up for a water (gotta stay hydrated, it’s freaking HOT in Phoenix) or something. If you can’t, you can still catch ALL the pictures, videos, and commentary in two ways – more after the jump.

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Spiral Radio101 #64 – ‘Just a Mirage?’ NOW AVAILABLE! (CONTEST!)

cropped-spiral-radio-101-logo-preview.jpgIt is about time, RIGHT??? Spiral Radio101 #64 – ‘Just a Mirage?’ is NOW AVAILABLE for download from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, the SR101 RSS feed, or you can stream it from the site by clicking RIGHT HERE! We do have a contest at about the 32 minute mark, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to the contest announcement.

If you’re not interested in listening (which gives me big sad face, but I understand) but want to get in on our Thanksgiving Day contest, READ ON!

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Where are we??? (CONTEST!!!)

searching-300It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted anything…like ANYTHING at all. I have to claim much of the responsibility for that. While we’ve had a number of really fun streamed community events and given away some really fun prizes, it’s been too long since we’ve had posts and/or podcasts out. So I wanted to talk a little bit about what’s going on and what our plans are for the immediate future.


(And if you just want the contest info, skip all the way to the bottom – I won’t be offended…much.)

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NXP off the starboard bow!!!

Visiontek ship1Hey everyone! With not a lot of KI news on the horizon, Chris and I thought it might be fun to spend tonight streaming an NXP party instead of doing our regular show. We hope you’ll get out your finest skyfaring ship and come join us!

We’ll get started chatting on the stream at about 8:30 Central time to start getting into position and set sail around 8:45. Chris and I will happily take questions about Wizard, Pirate, Chris’ addiction to AlphaCats or anything else about the gaming world (whether we’ll be able to answer them correctly is another matter). I hope you’ll come ride the skyway and earn some sweet, sweet NXP and scrip!