Plan of Attack – The Steam Sale

It starts today, you know. The 2014 Steam Holiday Sale. Triple-A games will go on sale for as much as 90% off, and wallets will burn as a result. I found a flowchart that I think will help you maximize whatever you’re planning to spend on the sale that I think is worth checking out…


Let’s do a ‘what-if’ run through. The game at the top of my ‘Dear Santa’ list this year is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I’m gonna check Steam later today and see if it’s a Daily Deal. These are usually very good deals that will last until the afternoon of the next day. If it’s a Daily Deal, I’m buying it. If not…

I’ll check to see if it’s a Flash Sale. These are sales that usually last between 3-6 hours and are occasionally just out-of-this-world great, but usually on par with a Daily Deal. If my game is a Flash Sale, I get out the wallet. If not…

Tomorrow isn’t the last day of the sale; that doesn’t happen until the 2nd of January. So since it isn’t the last day, I’m not going to buy it. I’m going to wait and run it through this spreadsheet every time I peek at Steam (which is usually three or four times a day during a big sale).

My total Steam budget this holiday season is $50, I’ll keep you all posted about how I’m doing. Happy holidays and enjoy the sale!

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