Keeping the Lights on In 2016

It is, regrettably, that time again. Chris and I look at the budget every year and figure out what we can afford and what we might need a little help with. That’s when we look to you all. TL;DR – we’d be very grateful if you were able to lend us a hand with our annual hosting costs – you’ll find a Paypal button right on the side of the page. Read on if you’d like to learn more. 🙂

I’ve been doing KingsIsle podcasts for going on 7 years, with nearly 100 episodes of Ravenwood Radio, about 30 of P8R, and over 50 episodes of Spiral Radio101, not including dozens of live events, Twitch streams, and just fun parties in game. We’ve given away hundreds of prizes including mounts, pets, hoard packs, subscriptions, gear, ships, elixirs, costumes and hundreds of thousands of crowns. Between myself and the three co-hosts I’ve worked with, I’ve recorded over 150 hours of KI news, opinions, and general fun nonsense, and it’s been a blast. I love doing it, particularly with our current format.

I hate, hate, HATE this part of it, but the ugly fact of the matter is hosting isn’t free. Between hosting the web site, the podcast data, paying for domain names, and occasionally having to replace equipment Chris and I spend about $350 per year. I’d love to be able to just reach into my pockets and cover all of that every year, but, sadly, the world doesn’t quite work that way.

We’re asking you, our readers and listeners, to lend us a hand. We’d like to raise $200 to defray our costs. This will insure we can stay on the air for some of the fun things we have planned as the year goes on. Things like:

  • Moving the live show to Twitch TV, which will not only provide a better experience for mobile viewers, but will allow us to better interact with and reward our guests who attend the live show.
  • Establishing a SR101 YouTube channel to give us a chance to record and post gameplay from Wizard101, Pirate101, and games beyond the Spiral.
  • Extensive reporting from Phoenix Comicon including a semi-professional photographer, myself, and a nightly mini-podcast reporting on the things we did and saw at the con. Look for it June 2 through June 5!

Even if you’re just able to contribute a dollar or two, we’re incredibly grateful. Every little bit we can collect helps us immensely. And if you’re not able to, believe me, we understand – we’re just glad you’re along for the ride.

The PayPal button is on the top right of the screen – thanks so much for reading through this, and we look forward to lots of continued Wizarding and Pirating fun in 2016.

– Stephen


10 thoughts on “Keeping the Lights on In 2016

    • *pops eyes back in head*
      Wow…your generosity is truly stunning – thank you. And even if we didn’t get a dime we’d figure out a way somehow…it would just involve making some pretty dramatic changes.

  1. I am so sorry I am unable to help this way. We dont have a paypal and I am not allowed to use Dad’s credit card. I really wish I could help you 🙁

    • That’s okay! We know it’s not an option for everyone. While helping keep the lights on is important, we’re equally grateful for our friends in the community.

  2. I have talked about this to my friend Elizabeth and she has agreed to help. However, she can only do that by next week. So plz keep the ‘donation’ button active at least till next week 🙂

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