Spiral Radio101 #52 AND #53

Okay, time to just play catch up! Both Spiral Radio101 episodes 52 AND 53 are now available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, the SR101 RSS feed, and from the following links!

Spiral Radio101 #52 ‘Magic v. Technology’

Spiral Radio101 #53 ‘The Man Cave’

2 thoughts on “Spiral Radio101 #52 AND #53

  1. Stephen, just heard the two latest episodes. They were very nice. Regarding #52 Mount stat opinion, I feel KI is doing it wrong by adding stats to mounts. So far, mounts were just for show. All mounts having same speed, we were open to choosing mounts according to their looks. But with addition of stats and increased speed in latest mounts and making them available through Crown shop/Packs, the game is becoming a little inclined towards pay-to-win side.

    P.S. Is the contest at #52 still open? Can we still participate in it?

    P.P.S Hope Chris joins you guys for #54

    • Great comments, Aaron, thanks! The contest for 52 is still open and will actually continue through 54. I want to make sure we get as many people as possible aware of it so they can enter. Chris and I chatted last night and she’s really looking forward to 54. 🙂

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