Catching You Up…

Spiral-Radio-logo-for-siteSo…this is where we should have, like MANY, MANY moons ago, made this announcement.

Our show is now streamed every Wednesday night at 8:45pm Central on

Those videos are available after the fact on YouTube ( and as Videos on Demand on our Twitch channel.

Icywiz and I are still around – we’re just presenting our content a little differently these days. Same banter, same news, same prizes, different format. I hope you’ll join us.




Stephen’s Adventures onto Twitch/Youtube

twitch logoI’ve been shamelessly promoting my Twitch channel for some time now, and, I’m afraid, that’s not going to stop. This past Thursday, June 1st, we began the adventures of Sheldor in the Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim (Special Edition), and it’s easily the best streaming I’ve done.

I hope you’ll come out and join me for Skyrim, Rimworld, Wizard101, or any of the games I’ll be streaming on the channel. You can find me by clicking right here, pointing your browser to, or doing a search for spiritcaller on your favorite Twitch app.

All the info after the jump.

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