Your Take on Castle Ratings – CONTEST

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UPDATED 10/31/2013 10:57AM CDT

Last night I offered my own opinion about the ability to rate a visited castle – TL;DR? I’m not wild about it. So we’re gonna open it up for your opinion. What do you think about the policy? Great idea? Terrible idea? Maybe you’d do it a little differently if you were in charge? Here’s how you can make your voice heard and maybe win a little something for your trouble…

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Paying it Forward


Community. We talk about it a lot. We talk about how the KI community is pretty darn great, and we’re proud of the fact that, on the whole, we’re all pretty good to one another. I really like that, and I’ll bet you do too. Here’s the thing – that doesn’t happen automatically, and it takes work to keep it going.

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And there was joy throughout the realm!


After nearly a month of back and forth with the folks at Apple, WE ARE ON! You can find Spiral Radio101 on iTunes! I found us by doing a search for Spiral Radio101 and was able to download both of our available episodes. This was on the US store.

Do me a favor? Try locating the show and let me know if you find it, as well as what country you’re downloading from. I know we’re in the US store, but I’m not sure if we’re in the Canadian, Australian, European, or African stores yet. Just drop a comment and I’ll be very grateful. Cheers.


Tally-ho! (or Why I Love World of Warplanes)



I come by my fascination with mid-20th century fighters and bombers honest. My Dad, an Air Force pilot for 20+ years, loved World War II planes and there was always a television show or movie on in my household with American fighters wreaking havoc on their Japanese counterparts (gotta love Hollywood). And that’s why World of Warplanes grabbed my attention.

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