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I like playing armchair developer. I like looking at a game I enjoy (or even a game I don’t enjoy) and saying, “This is what I would do if I was in charge…”. Recently I’ve been playing that with Wizard101, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

– More ultra-rare gear. I know, that sounds crazy, but hear me out. There is something special, something indescribable about finally getting one particular item of gear that can only be acquired after a lot of hard work. It has to be a powerful item and it has to look like no other item in game. When you walk by, people need to see that totally sweet robe and say, “Oh wow, that guy/girl conquered the evil Lord Destructor and has the totally sweet Robes of Destructionating.”

This could also be crafted gear. Not unlike some of the crafted houses, this could require a lot of rare mats. Again, it’s something to show off, something to demonstrate that you’ve really put the time in and done something impressive. I think crafted mounts would get people rushing back to their Crafting Tables as well.

– Larger scale end-game content, AKA Raiding. I know I’ve said it time and time again, and I know there are logistical issues to iron out, but I think it could be done and it could be nothing short of amazing. Here’s how I see it:

You go in with eight wizards in two groups of four each. The battle takes place in a very large circle, with Wizards on both sides and the raid boss (and any of his minions) on sigils in the middle of the circle. The boss has A LOT of health. He also cheats – a lot. Raiders have to do their homework. They have to know that every fifth round he fires off a super-karate-death-boomer-blast that will wipe the raid if you don’t put up something to shut down his ability to cast fire spells or shield yourselves against fire. Tanks have to be conscious of maintaining threat – they’ve got to toss spells to increase that frequently. Healers have to be on the ball, keeping the raid up and making sure the tank stays healthy. Damage dealers have to pour it on as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still protecting themselves with the occasional shield to try and make the Healers’ job easier.

Raiding would be hard. It’s meant to be. The rewards are tremendous. Awesome gear, incredible mounts, really rare titles, and the satisfaction of bringing down the most uber bosses in the game.

– Other side activities. I’ve proposed Fishing before, but there could be others. What about Cooking? Prepared food could give a limited buff to your Wizard or pets. Cooked food could even do something fun or silly, like transform you into a Ninja Pig for a few minutes. The music system that has recently been implemented could be wrapped into a skill set as well – maybe as you practice you improve and learn new songs.

So what ideas do you have? If you were one of the chief developers of Wizard101, what would you add?

3 thoughts on “You’re the Dev…

  1. With the raiding system, Toontown had that covered. Eight toons would enter, there would be two sets of four fighting 4 mobs each. The bosses would actually have extra mobs waiting to join once one or more were gone. One team could potentially fight four mobs while the other team wiped out all the rest. Made for some exciting dynamics and also set things up for elitists. Those people who would only join if so-and-so was there and not if a lower ranked joined. I’m not sure how to get around that, however I’ll think on it.
    Once all the mobs were eliminated, it would become something of an arcade game though. Everyone threw pies or healed or both. Chaotic and very twitch-happy.

    • Look up Spiral Radio101 on iTunes. I was able to download the show earlier in the week from the US store. I’m not sure how long it takes to populate the Canadian store, but I wouldn’t think it would happen much later.

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