Paying it Forward

Community. We talk about it a lot. We talk about how the KI community is pretty darn great, and we’re proud of the fact that, on the whole, we’re all pretty good to one another. I really like that, and I’ll bet you do too. Here’s the thing – that doesn’t happen automatically, and it takes work to keep it going.

I want to start with an experience I had the other night playing World of Warcraft. I created a goblin priest (a healer, like a life wizard) as an alt to get away from the stress of high level content. Low level stuff is fun, low stress, and I enjoy the leveling process in WoW, even if it does get a bit grindy from time to time.

I came across another character who had gotten themselves in a bit of a jam – he had drawn the attention of three hostile monsters and was in danger of being killed. I took a few seconds to heal him through the fight to make sure he made it. Honestly, I did it because I was a little bored and wanted to see if I was a strong enough healer to get him through, but I could’ve just gone on my merry way. The other character walked over to me, thanked me very graciously and paid me 100 gold (which is no small amount to a low level character). We chatted for a few minutes and both went our separate ways feeling good about ourselves and our fellow players. WoW’s community isn’t great, but that day it felt a little better.

So here’s my challenge to you. Help someone out. Pass a few treasure cards you’re not going to use to someone you see in the Commons just because. Tell a complete stranger you like their outfit or their pet. Do something for the community the next time you’re in game. I’m not trying to be Susie Sunshine here today (okay, maybe a little), and I know no one’s gonna change the world by passing off one of the bajillion Fire Elf TC’s you have kicking around or telling someone you like their Vampire Pet named Bella, but it’s easy and it’s a great way to give back to this community that offers all of us so much. I know I’ve said, posted, or done something that didn’t help out the community; maybe you have too – this is a chance for all of us to try and make up a bit for those comments or blog posts.

I feel like I need to balance all this double rainbow-happy-good time-joy-joy-goodness with something a little more grumpy, so…let’s see…Balance is OP! Nerf Judgement!!! /rage!!! 😉


One thought on “Paying it Forward

  1. I started playing Pirate in January. Have not really played Wizard yet. I am usually surrounded by wonderful people who enjoy playing a great game. I am almost always in a position to be able to help. I like that so many people have helped me and also answered my questions as I have played.
    I find it most difficult when someone doesn’t text/open chat to say that I am unable to assist at times when asked. I don’t know if that can be improved in menu chat.
    Keep up the good work KI. It is the only on-line game that I have subscribed to.

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