Paying it Forward


Community. We talk about it a lot. We talk about how the KI community is pretty darn great, and we’re proud of the fact that, on the whole, we’re all pretty good to one another. I really like that, and I’ll bet you do too. Here’s the thing – that doesn’t happen automatically, and it takes work to keep it going.

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And there was joy throughout the realm!


After nearly a month of back and forth with the folks at Apple, WE ARE ON! You can find Spiral Radio101 on iTunes! I found us by doing a search for Spiral Radio101 and was able to download both of our available episodes. This was on the US store.

Do me a favor? Try locating the show and let me know if you find it, as well as what country you’re downloading from. I know we’re in the US store, but I’m not sure if we’re in the Canadian, Australian, European, or African stores yet. Just drop a comment and I’ll be very grateful. Cheers.


What Would You Watch? CONTEST CLOSED

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So we’ve been streaming quite a bit over the past two weeks. If you’ve checked out our Twitch.TV channel, you’ve seen Jeff and me play some World of Tanks, me playing some Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Chris and me playing some World of Warcraft, and all of us playing some Wizard101. We all really enjoy these games (and many others), but what would you like to see?

EDIT: The contest associated with this post has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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