Stephen’s Adventures onto Twitch/Youtube

twitch logoI’ve been shamelessly promoting my Twitch channel for some time now, and, I’m afraid, that’s not going to stop. This past Thursday, June 1st, we began the adventures of Sheldor in the Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim (Special Edition), and it’s easily the best streaming I’ve done.

I hope you’ll come out and join me for Skyrim, Rimworld, Wizard101, or any of the games I’ll be streaming on the channel. You can find me by clicking right here, pointing your browser to, or doing a search for spiritcaller on your favorite Twitch app.

All the info after the jump.

Here’s my schedule:

Tuesday: 7pm – 8pm Pacific Time (10pm – 11pm Eastern) Rimworld

Thursday: 7pm – 8pm Pacific Time (10pm – 11pm Eastern) Skyrim

Saturday: 12pm – 2pm Pacific Time (3pm – 5pm Eastern) ?????

I’m considering adding another day – possibly Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. I’ll keep you posted. Be sure to follow spiritcaller on Twitter for all the latest updates!

I realize some of these times are kind of late and people have things to do on the weekend. I’ve got you covered. Check out my YouTube channel HERE and you’ll find the first few recordings of the adventures of Sheldor.

Speaking of that YouTube channel, Google has some pretty challenging hurdles to clear before really getting one’s channel going, and I’d REALLY appreciate it if you’d check out the videos, toss me a like if you enjoy them, and maybe subscribe if you want? Thanks very much for all of your support through these eight years.

Let me insert something really quick. This channel is not Spiral Radio101 and, while I do my best to keep the content and language family friendly, it isn’t held to the same standard to which Christina and I hold the podcast.

(And no, Spiral Radio101 isn’t going anywhere – promise! This is just a personal project I’ve wanted to do for a long time.)


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