SR101 at Phoenix Comicon 2017


My annual pilgrimage starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited. Phoenix Comicon starts Thursday, May 25, and runs through Sunday, May 28 with LOTS of cool panels, great guests, fun cosplay, and tons (and tons and tons) of wallet-destroying merch to be had.

If you can make it, HIT ME UP! Holler at me on Twitter and we’ll meet up for a water (gotta stay hydrated, it’s freaking HOT in Phoenix) or something. If you can’t, you can still catch ALL the pictures, videos, and commentary in two ways – more after the jump.

Instagram Follow me on Instagram! I’ll be posting pictures and videos throughout the day, every day. Follow Spiritcaller with your Instagram app or just point your web browser at

Twitch – My daughter, Riley (AKA Taylor Battleshield), and I will be doing a nightly run-down of things we saw, did, heard and bought on the Spiral Radio101 Twitch channel. This is going to wind up being a LATE show – probably around 9pm Pacific, Midnight Eastern, so I totally get if you’re not able to make it. However, it’ll be available at the next day.

After the event I’ll try to get a combination of all of those recordings posted on the SR101 podcast feed so you can relive the experience along with us, and we’ll post the best pictures we take on

I’m so excited about this event, and I can’t wait to share the experience with you all – hope you’ll join us!




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