Win a Copy of Torchlight II!

If you’ve listened to the show, you know Christina and I love Torchlight II from Runic Games. So much so that we want to spread the goodness that is this T2 with a lucky listener. Interested?

Torchlight II is one of my favorite games of all time. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an action RPG similar to Diablo, but…well…it’s just flat better. Aside from the really robust and well-crafted story Diablo features, Torchlight is just a better game. And we’ve got a copy to give away!

Shoot an e-mail to with the topic Torchlight II contest and send us a (family-friendly) screenshot of your character from one of your favorite games. Could be your wizard, your pirate, or whatever character you’re playing in whatever game you’re playing! If it’s a Steam game, it’s easy – just hit F12. If we’re talking a KI game, there’s a brief guide available right here.

Your deadline to enter is 12:01AM Central on Wednesday, February 18. We’ll pick one at random on just before the show and that lucky person will take home a copy of Torchlight II for Mac or PC. You do need a Steam account to redeem this prize.

Edit: We’ve had a couple questions about this contest regarding modifications to the screenshot being entered. We are absolutely fine with any ‘shopping you’ve done to the picture AS LONG AS IT’S STILL FAMILY-FRIENDLY. Any entry containing highly graphic violence or adult content in a screenshot will be thrown out.

4 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Torchlight II!

  1. i tweeted you guys! thanks again for introducing me to fire fly! i know its been a min but im still waiting for some more book/show recommendations!

  2. I was wondering what the game would be rated on ESRB. I looked around the internet, but I couldn’t find it, so I was wondering what rating you would give the game, or what age group you would say it is appropriate for. Thanks, Fishb

    • I can tell you that its older brother, Torchlight, was rated T for Blood and Violence. While T2 definitely does get graphic in its depiction of smashing the enemy around, the violence and art is somewhat cartoony. I’d probably be okay with a young person of high school age (14+) sitting down to Torchlight 2. If you’d like to watch a little gameplay, this video will give you a look at it. I didn’t hear any inappropriate language on it (although I did just watch spots of it), and it only goes about 20 minutes into the game (which is barely scratching the surface).

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