The Funeral of Warhammer Online

We gather here today to celebrate the life of Warhammer Online, who has now returned to its home with…other MMOs in the MMO afterlife.

(Or something like that…)


I actually never played Warhammer Online, and I don’t think anyone else from the staff did either. That’s not exactly important. The thing is there were people that did. A lot of them, and when an MMO, any MMO, goes under, I can’t help but feel for them. Imagine if your character was just suddenly gone. Stop a moment and think about your character, the one you’ve quested with, run instances with, gone to parties with, met friends with, and spent days and days of your life with; imagine that character gone forever. I can’t imagine my world without Stephen Spiritcaller or Dandy Stephen Spinnaker – I’d miss those guys too much.

That’s happening to a lot of people, and soon. So take a moment and think of those poor folks today. And then say a quiet little word of thanks that KingsIsle (or whatever game company you support) is still alive and healthy.

One thought on “The Funeral of Warhammer Online

  1. I remember when many games went down. It’s never a fun time. While I had not played Toontown for quite a long while, it still hurt when it shut its doors. It is a harsh reality that many MMOs do not last and I am very thankful for the time I get to spend with the ones I play.
    I’ll raise a bottle of Yum to all the companies that take the plunge to attempt to entertain us, even if they don’t make it. At least they took the risk.

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