Free Game Weekend on Steam!

Planning to venture outside of the Spiral for a spot of gaming this weekend? Putteth thy wallet away (but keep it nearby) – Steam has a little gift for us all…at least for the weekend. More after the jump…

Through Monday, October 20 at noon Central, Steam has 11 different games free to play. If you play one and enjoy it, well, Steam has them all on sale for the weekend. Some of them you may never have heard of, some you probably have. Here’s a quick breakdown of the games, their sale prices should you decide you want to keep the game after the 20th, and their ESRB ratings:

Awesomenauts: Kind of a 2D League of Legends/DOTA2-style game. The art is really cute, and it’s received fairly positive reviews. I haven’t played it. On sale for $2.49 – ESRB: T (Violence, Tobacco Use)

Blade Symphony: Looks like a Source-engine (like Half Life 2 or Portal) multiplayer swordfighting game. I haven’t played it. On sale for $3.74 – ESRB: None found, but it’s violent swordfights…probably T or M

Don’t Starve: One of Chris’ all-time favorites. Don’t Starve is an action-adventure/survival game that is really unlike anything else out there. Very quirky art style, lots of fun (though occasionally frustrating). Multiplayer being added soon. On sale for $5.09 – ESRB: T (Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor)

GRID 2: A very slick looking street racer with an intricate progression system allowing you to improve your car and buy new ones as you continue through the game. Both single and multiplayer. On sale for $7.49 – ESRB: E

Injustice: Gods Among Us: A 2D/3D fighting game based in the DC Universe (so you can play your own Batman v. Superman). On sale for $9.99 – ESRB: T (Blood, Language, Violence, Tobacco Use)

Trine 2: An absolutely enchanting 2d sidescroller with puzzle and platform elements. It really is quite beautiful and supports both single and multiplayer co-op. On sale for $3.99 – ESRB: E10 (Fantasy Violence)

Could be you’ve heard of this sale and are wondering why I haven’t mentioned XCOM or Payday 2 or the Killing Floor. Well, those games are all rated M, and while they’re all a lot of fun, they’re definitely not family friendly.

Have a great weekend!



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