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Wizardly Mechanics – CONTEST!

Spring means April showers, May flowers, Spring Break, allergies, Easter candy…and Spring cleaning. Bleah. Fizzles to that. How about you just pitch that dusty old furniture and put in some cool new stuff? Let us help you out…


Pirate101 has some big mechanic changes coming up in the pet and companion systems. I mean stuff that’s going to change how we play the game! So what mechanical changes would you like to see in Wizard101? What do you think is coming up next for the students of Ravenwood?

For exampke, here’s my thought: combination spells. It’d work like this: two or more wizards of different schools cast different spells which, in addition to their usual effects, would have some other effect! Maybe an AOE Ice spell cast alongside Tempest would have a chance to stun (because the tidal wave from Tempest freezes the target in place for a round).

What’s your idea? No need to go into huge details – a sentence or two is fine. Send it in to with the subject CHANGE CONTEST. Let us know what mechanic change or addition you want to see or think is coming up next (either is fine). Be sure to include your community name!

Remember, we are NOT looking for new mobs, new worlds, new enemies, or new spells – I’m talking about changes to the way we play the game. And we’ll make it worth your while:

We’ll pick ten responses at random and each will win a Mannequin housing item as well as a Housing Elixir and a Bric-a-Brac Elixir. Then we’ll pick five we really like, and those five folks will win a Pagoda Gauntlet, a Winterbane Gauntlet, and both elixirs. And,  finally, we’ll pick the creme de la creme – our favorite of all the responses, and that clever individual will take home both Gauntlets, a Mannequin housing item, a Fishbowl housing item, and both elixirs.

But we’re not done! Every day, starting April 3rd and going through April 9th at approximately 12pm Central time every day, I’ll pick a responder at random. That person will win a Fishbowl housing item! The earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win!

The deadline for entry is Wednesday, April 9th at 12:01AM Central Daylight Time, and we’ll announce the winners during the live show that night. Good luck!

25 thoughts on “Wizardly Mechanics – CONTEST!

    • A community name is either your Wizard101 or Pirate101 character name, or a name you’re commonly known as in the KI community. A great example would be ‘Icywiz’ for Christina.

    • We e-mail all our winners, but if you’ve got access to the Internet, then you have access to our show! We broadcast live at every other Wednesday at 8:30pm Central time. That show is recorded and released as an mp3 file (which you can download from iTunes or direct from our web site) a few days later (depending on how busy the hosts are).

  1. Hi! Can’t wait! Um, to enter do you need an account? If you do, how do you create one?
    Thanks and Happy Wizarding!

  2. cool contest i wanna join!

    I think krocotopia should be more explorery for your taste in indian jones 😛

    marley bone should be LONGER lots of complaints are asking for marleybone longer 😀

    thxs and go EASTER!

  3. Well it would be awesome to make new mounts from spells, like maybe heckhound as a mount that would be epic.! And it would be great to get more pets in shopping district for sale, because lot of people can’t afford to buy memebership or crowns so we would be doing them a huge thing. And ti would be awesome if you could tell your pet to do tricks like sit, rollover etc. 😀

  4. Does the thirty-day rule apply to this contest? If so, my name was announced as a winner on episode 9, does that make me uneligible to participate in the is contest?.

  5. I’d like to see fizzles decrease as you progress in power. I can understand a lot of fizzles in the early stages, but as a wizard progresses, these should decrease with experience.

    • Entries as comments don’t count as entries, they just count as useless comments which are not taken into consideration when drawing the winners, you’ll have to send your entry in an email to in order to be eligible to win something in this contest

  6. I’m a little confused here. So are you picking 10 Random People and then 5 of those people will win the prizes or is it 10 Random, and then 5 of all the entries?

    • We’ll start by picking the ones we really like (the five Runners-Up and the one grand prize winner) and then remove those from the random drawing. Then we’ll pick 10 of the rest at random for the Mannequin drawing.

  7. I entered the contest but didnt receive a verification email that my entry was allowed. It is under Kane Deathbringer.
    Also for when a person wins do you email the code or do it on your “Radio show”. Thing is based on beliefs i dont listen to radio stations or watch news stations so id rather receive my winnings via email.
    Being my entry was legitimate since i posted a website full of ideas i personally made (it doesnt say it doesnt count so i am legally am allowed to participate.) i hope that this contest doesnt become bust. I feel pretty confident. I just want to make sure i am entered, i am entitled to know where my entrys go so i am double checking.
    I am more than people see of me. 😉

    • We don’t send a verification e-mail when we receive a contest entry. Given the volume of entries, it’d just be more work than we have time for.

      Technically Spiral Radio101 is a podcast, which we record live and make available for download later to be listened to at your leisure. However, winners are notified by e-mail. Good luck!

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