A Look into Aion for Soph

A Look into Aion

The Cataclysm, the fall of the Tower of Eternity, that was what changed everything. Once, there was only human and daeva; a race blessed with immortality and wings upon ascending. At the head of them all were the Empyrean Lords, the first deavas to ascend. When these lords had tried to make peace with the race known as the Dragon Lords, or presently, the Balaur, an unknown assassin had tried to take the life of one of these and chaos had begun, resulting in the split of the Tower of Eternity. Because of this, the world of Atreia had crumbled into various sections, no longer connected.

Many years later, all had been changed by such circumstances thinking the other did not exist. However one day when one of the newly formed races, the sun-blessed Elyos had wandered into the other, the Asmodian’s, cold and harsh territory, a small battle had occurred that caused a war between the two races for the next hundred upon thousands of years.

The Races:

Elyos: “Living in the southern half of the broken world, us Elyos are prideful people who have been blessed with beauty by the sun. We are not as harsh and cold-blooded as those cursed Asmodians. Faith in arms, as we rise to victory!”

Asmodians: “We live in the northern half of the world, we who have learned to survive in cold and harsh conditions by growing manes and claws. The Elyos people are stuck up and selfish, and blinded in their own vain while we work together and survive. Blood for blood, my fellow Asmodians!”

Balaur (NPC Race): Originally, this race had been the first to exist in the world of Atreia, for some time to rule over all when they were more commonly known as the Dragon Lords. These creatures struck terror into our hearts, all because of what destruction they have done. Even today these creatures continue to invoke this same fear into us all.

The Classes:


Spiritmaster: The Spiritmaster (SM) is a ranged DPS (damage per second) class. The spiritmaster controls elemental spirits which aid them in battle in various ways. They wear cloth armor.

Sorcerer: A ranged DPS. They cause high damage, controlling the elements and using their power to their advantage against their foes. This class as well wears cloth armor.


Assassin: A close-ranged DPS. With their fast attacks their foes are down within a short period of time, using acrobatics and ruins to help. This class wears leather armor.

Ranger: A ranged DPS using a bow and traps to attack foes.  With their abilities they can quickly shoot foes down and keep them at bay if skilled enough. This class also wears leather armor.


Cleric: This class is the main healer in the game with some ranged attack skills. With their abilities they are able to keep allies alive, and when need be have the attack power to take down their foes. For this class you start with leather armor, but at level 10 you may wear chain gear.

Chanter: A support close-ranged DPS class. They can buff their allies with mantras (similar to buffs) which can easily turn the tide of battle. For this class you start with leather armor, but at level 10 you may wear chain gear.


Gladiator: A close ranged DPS who can you practically use any physical attack weapon in the game; they can also take over as secondary tanks. This class starts by wearing chain gear but at level 10 can wear plate armor.

Templar: This class is a very defensive tank, protecting their allies from enemies with their abilities. This class starts with chain gear but at level 10 can wear plate armor.


Bard: Ranged DPS who can also act as support for they can recover health and mana. Using the power of music (and a few dancing penguins) can easily destroy foes as well as heal allies. This class wears cloth armor.


Gunner: A ranged DPS class. This class uses either dual guns or a large cannon to heavily hit their foes with a few other skills here and there. This class wears leather armor.

(Unreleased) Aethertech: In the American version of Aion, this class will remain unreleased until the update 4.5 Steel Calvary. What is known/believed is that this class will battle in mechs/battlebots, using a keyblade to enter these. This class starts with leather armor, but eventually can wear chain gear.


Aion is a great free to play MMORPG.  This game is rated  T for teens (ages 13+).  If you decide to play the game, there are two races to choose; the Elyos or Asmodian race (both slightly defined above).  Both introduce you into completely different areas and both have different storylines as well.  I really enjoy playing the game but does take some time to get used to (just like every game, right?).  If you like to play a free fast pacing MMORPG game, this is the game for you!

If you decide to play, have any thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments!

Hope you all have a great one!

-Sophia Lifecaster

Sophia Lifecaster is part of the team that runs the Adventures of the Spiral fansite. If you’re interested in her Pirate101 and Wizard101 material, I encourage you to visit their site often! -S.

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