Episode 50 Status

Hey guys, I wanted to update you all on where we were with our 50th episode. We recorded it on January 13, so it’s done and recorded and just waiting to be edited. Unfortunately, and through no fault of Christina’s (this is all on me), I just haven’t wrapped up the editing and posting process on it. So with that in mind, we’ve got some changes to make for tonight’s schedule:

– We won’t be recording episode 51 tonight. Instead, we’ll post episode 50 to iTunes, Stitcher, and eventually to the website. The contest announced on that show will be extended through February 10.

– Given the light amount of KI news, we’re going to spend a little time streaming some Wizard101 on the SpiralRadio101 Twitch channel. With any luck, I’ll get some of the crew to handbag me through early Azteca content. 😉 Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for time details.

Finally, I wanted to apologize for the delay in release time. We have a technical issue stemming from the new version of Skype and have yet to conquer it. There’s a workaround in place (Christina figured it out) that isn’t perfect, but may wind up being our new standard recording procedure.

Thanks very much for sticking with us, and I hope you’ll join us for tonight’s stream.


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