Visiontek ship1

Exclusive Visiontek Radeon Ship!

Talk about your weird promotions…

Let’s say you’d like to get a REALLY exclusive Pirate ship. One that will cost you, say, about $50. Visiontek can help you out! Oh, and they’ll throw in a graphics card to boot!

Visiontek ship

Need to juice up the graphics on your computer? Visiontek will sweeten the pot if you pick up a VisionTek Radeon™ HD 7750, HD 6670, HD 6570, HD 6450 graphics card. Aside from this totally sweet and completely exclusive ship, you’ll take home 5,000 Crowns to kit her out just right.

How much will this run you? The 6450 is only about $50 from, which isn’t bad for a good card. If you really want to turn things up to 11, you’re looking at spending around $150 for the 7750. You’ll have to purchase the card straight from VisionTek or authorized VisionTek reseller (and I’m not 100% sure NewEgg is an ‘authorized reseller’, so double-check before you buy!) and purchase by December 31, 2013 (or when they run out of codes).


One thought on “Exclusive Visiontek Radeon Ship!

  1. Okay, while I love the idea of the free gift as well as an awesome looking ship for Pirate101, I’m not sure what message is being portrayed. One of the perk of KingsIsle Games is that you don’t need a top of the line graphics card to play. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. The cards are worthy of a high drool factor and if I ever go back to a desktop computer, it’ll be a gaming computer and I’ll be after high end graphics cards. These will do nicely. For now, I’ll have to settle for this wondrous gaming laptop and pass on this deal. *sigh* No new ship for me.

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