Talk Like a…Wizard?

You heard me right. Why do Pirates get a day celebrating their vernacular when we Wizards get nothing?! It’s time to rise up, my Arcane bretheren! Time to demand our own day – ‘Talk Like A Wizard!’

(And maybe have a contest while we’re at it…)


The thing is, just how does a wizard talk? Do you fake an English accent like Harry Potter? Do you throw around a lot of pseudo Latin? Do you make snarky comments and toss about little insults at your enemies like Harry Dresden? I don’t know – I think we all have our own style and our own ideas about how wizards talk. This is how I imagine Stephen talking when squaring off against a group of mobs.

“You did not just cast that @!#^%*%@#$% spell at me. Maybe you might enjoy a little visit from Scary McScarypants!”

(That’s what Stephen calls his Scarecrow…and shortly after this he winds up with some serious detention for the wizard swears.)

So send us a sample of your own wizardly speech! Set the scene and speak! E-mail it to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject WIZARD TALK CONTEST. (Comments will not be considered as answers!) We’ll pick five answers we really like and each one will win a random Mastery amulet with a chance of winning an EXALTED MASTERY AMULET! (The amulet won is completely random – no exchanges are possible.)

This contest ends soon! You just have until 12:01AM Central Daylight Time on Saturday, September 28! Be sure to include either your wizard, pirate, or first name. Good luck!


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