Your thoughts? CONTEST

We stand at the beginning of a big ol’ content patch, fellow Wizards! Hopefully some of you have had a chance to play with it in the test realm, and I imagine some of you have taken a swing at it live, and we’d love to hear your thoughts…and we’d love to maybe make it worth your while…

E-mail us your thoughts (to spiralradio101@gmail.com) on the new content BEFORE SHOWTIME TONIGHT (that’s 8:45pm Central on Wednesday, November 19)! Don’t worry about the subject, I’ll figure it out, but BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR WIZARD NAME! We’ll read them on the air and choose one at random ON AIR to take home their choice of Arcane Builder homes. GOOD LUCK!

3 thoughts on “Your thoughts? CONTEST

  1. I believe the Darkmoor dungeon will change the game! The gear from Malistaire is amazing and the made a great job on architecture on all the dungeons! Though I believe they made the Malistaire fight way to hard with the skeletal dragon the resolution to the story gives me the chills. They did a great job on the new spells although I believe the myth one is not that appealing to the eye when it comes to looks. Although I am happy considering myth hasn’t had a decent aoe since level 42, earthquake. This is just a start! Imagine what Wizard101 will look like in its future updates it is going to be spectacular. Polaris will be a great start to the new arch after KI showing Darkmoors looks and ending players have their hopes up for the next arch featuring Old Cob the Vacuum. Thanks for reading my opinions on this new dungeon hype for Polaris 2015 goodbye!

    Aaron Moon

  2. You are asking me to be verbose……………On purpose……………..Muahahahahah 😀
    Wonderful idea for a way to get good feedback to KI. Nicely played Spiral Radio.

  3. This is rather a step-up for KI, as this was an unexpected turn in events. I would of liked to have, personally, seen the new world come in play, as well as Old Cob, but this is still a great move for KI and kind of glad they implemented something like this.

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