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Spiral Radio 101 Episode 1 CONTEST

Looking to win some sweet Wizard 101 Halloween swag? It’s not gonna be tough, but it is gonna require a little work…not much, but a little…

Tonight is Episode 1 of Spiral Radio 101! We’re all totally psyched, and we hope you are too! In the spirit of the launch of the podcast, the answer for the contest question will be tucked away IN THE SHOW ITSELF! That means you’re gonna have to download (or stream) and listen to the show if you want to get at that answer.

What are we giving away? Mounts and pets…and A LOT of them. If you can’t listen live tonight, make sure you download the live show. I’m hoping to have it posted within the next few days, but iTunes could take as long as a week. Keep an eye here and on Twitter for more information.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Spiral Radio 101 Episode 1 CONTEST

  1. Hi Spiralradio101, this is my first time here, look forward to listening to this episode. Just a little concern, when the prize will be sent out? :p

    • We send out prizes after we announce winners, so the winners of the prizes from the contest we run on Episode 1 will receive their prizes on the 17th or 18th.

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