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I spent a good bit of this past weekend playing a collectible card game (CCG) called Solforge on my iPad (it’s also available as a free download on the PC from Steam). It got me to thinking: could this be a way Wizard101 makes the jump from computer-based MMO to mobile-based gaming?


If we boil Solforge down to its essence, it’s a CCG in which you build a deck of summonable creatures, buffs for those creatures, and spells to do damage to other creatures. You square off against an opponent, playing two cards a turn and resolving the battles between the creatures on the board in an effort to destroy your opponent before he does the same to you. The UI is slick, the card artwork is fantastic, the game is very accessible, and it really is a lot of fun to play. Best of all, it’s free!

Well…kind of. You can purchase booster packs with real money, and as you get better and better (and your opposition gets better and better), you almost have to purchase booster packs (or play A LOT)┬áto remain compeitive. Stone Blade Entertainment, the makers of Solforge are, I assure you, making piles of cash selling virtual cards…and I think KingsIsle could do the same while giving us the Wizard101 trading card game we’ve always thirsted for.

Imagine a PvP ring on your virtual screen in which you can summon your creatures, but maybe they hang around instead of just landing the one hit. You acquire pips which are represented across the bottom screen as glowing white orbs, and they explode in a blast of arcane power when you use them to cast a spell. Charm cards burst into some animated icon near your side of the board, and spells all have a dynamic effect.

I’d play this game, and I think a lot of other folks would too. Heck, I’d buy an actual physical, real-world, version of this game. I can absolutely see it being a success. So what about you? Would you give it a try or is the Wizard101 MMORPG enough for you?

One thought on “Deal the Cards…

  1. I’m on the fence with this one.
    – More money for KI
    – Another way to enjoy Wizard101
    – Easily adapted to a mobile device
    – More money from our pocket
    – Time away from playing in wizard101 itself
    – Booster packs in-game are one gamble while in real life it’s more pronounced

    I’m sure there are many other things to effect both sides there. Would I play it – oh yeah! Do I want it – I’m not sure. I think I’d rather keep playing alongside my friends in the Spiral rather than a side Spiral. In other words, thanks anyway.

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