What’s in a Game? Holiday Events!


Hey gang, sorry about the unannounced (and unexpected) hiatus.  It’s been a while, eh?  The good news is I’m back and better than ever.  I thought we’d kick off the first time back with a fun little take on holiday events in MMOs. I’m breaking down my game experiences with holiday events by game, leading up to the one game that I don’t think can be topped in terms of stellar events, and then I’ll let you use the comments to share some of your experiences!  Expect to hear more about the grandfather of good holiday events in a coming installment. 

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What’s In a Game? Star Trek Online Season 8


Ah, Star Trek Online (STO).  A game worthy of praise in many respects, and it just keeps getting better.  But what exactly is it?  You’re in luck, folks, because that’s what you’ve got me for.  To boldly go where no gamer has gone before.  Waidaminute, I’m hearing that’s a bit…too…campy?  Ok, fine; to explore the reaches of the internet for awesome games.  Better?

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