Keeping the Lights on In 2016

It is, regrettably, that time again. Chris and I look at the budget every year and figure out what we can afford and what we might need a little help with. That’s when we look to you all. TL;DR – we’d be very grateful if you were able to lend us a hand with our annual hosting costs – you’ll find a Paypal button right on the side of the page. Read on if you’d like to learn more. 🙂

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Episode 50 Status


Hey guys, I wanted to update you all on where we were with our 50th episode. We recorded it on January 13, so it’s done and recorded and just waiting to be edited. Unfortunately, and through no fault of Christina’s (this is all on me), I just haven’t wrapped up the editing and posting process on it. So with that in mind, we’ve got some changes to make for tonight’s schedule:

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