We all love to be scared around Halloween. Creepy costumes or the tons of horror movies that pop out in October or just someone jumping out of the bushes dressed as a terrifying axe murderer and screaming at Trick-or-Treaters…not like I’ve done that, but the scary stuff around Halloween is fun…and potentially good for your Crowns wallet.

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Spiral Radio101 #21 AVAILABLE NOW!

SR101 Logo

Didn’t make the live show last night? Had some trouble with the LiveStream? (We sure did.) Fear not, because you can download the show RIGHT NOW! You can download it from iTunes now, and we’ll have a link to download it in this post later this evening.

EDIT: Okay – later this evening was about a week, and I’m very sorry. This is way, way too late and I owe you folks a little better. The show is available RIGHT HERE, and I hope you enjoy it. In the future, if a show is up on iTunes but not here, check spiralradio101.libsyn.com – it will undoubtedly be available there. Alternatively, you can use whatever podcatcher you like and point it at spiralradio101.libsyn.com/rss. Either will get the podcast to you if iTunes isn’t your thing.

Robocraft by Llewella Icehunter



Robocraft is a Player vs Player game similar to World of Tanks except the players build their own tanks (called robots) in whatever style they want, and there are no specific classes. Each account starts with about 1000-2000 basic blocks and a few coins to build their first robot. The most basic cubes, wheels, front-mounted guns, and the pilot seat are all free.

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