What’s In a Game? DC Universe Online


Let’s say, just for a brief moment, that you have a certain fondness of comic books AND gaming.  Perhaps you enjoy DC Comics (albeit redundant in name…) and would love to construct your very own caped crusader to straighten up the thugs throughout Gotham City and Metropolis, or maybe you’ve just always wanted to meet Wonder Woman face to face.  DC Universe Online, DCUO, is just the game for you!

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What’s In a Game? Star Trek Online Season 8


Ah, Star Trek Online (STO).  A game worthy of praise in many respects, and it just keeps getting better.  But what exactly is it?  You’re in luck, folks, because that’s what you’ve got me for.  To boldly go where no gamer has gone before.  Waidaminute, I’m hearing that’s a bit…too…campy?  Ok, fine; to explore the reaches of the internet for awesome games.  Better?

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