Spiral Radio101 #36 – ‘Morphed’ (CONTEST INFORMATION!)

Episode 36, forever known as ‘Morphed’ is now available! You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or stream/download it RIGHT HERE!

Show notes and contest information after the jump…

– The brand new Aztecan Builders Bundle released early by Gamestop? For more info on the bundle, check out Swordroll’s blog!

– Looking for something to scratch that nautical itch during this Pirate101 dry spell? Check out Windward or World of Warships!

– The Pirate101 Memorial Day Weekend Morph-a-Thon!



This one is easy. Pick a whole number between 1 and 10 and mail it to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject NUMBER CONTEST and include your wizard name! Get the number right and you win. Could be a set of no-longer-available bat wings, could be some crowns, could be A LOT of crowns.

Furthermore, every 5th entry wins a Teleport Tapestry to the Dye Shop, a Spiral Radio101 EXCLUSIVE.

You might think that 1 to 10 is a big range – you’ve only got a 10% chance of being right! Want to narrow those odds a bit? Give yourself a better chance? I dropped a big hint on exactly what the number is during the show. Wanna know what that hint is? You’ll have to download and listen to the show. 😉

Deadline is 12:01am on Wednesday, June 10th. One entry per person – GOOD LUCK!


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