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The Wizard101 Fishing Tournament!

First off, mad, mad props to Christina for correctly predicting this in episode 29 of Spiral Radio101. That was pretty slick. Now, let’s talk fishing and how you could win 60,000 Crowns by getting your angling on this weekend!

We don’t have a whole lot of notice, and we want to get the word out ASAP to get the maximum amount of Wizardly fishermen (fisherpeople?) out there with rod and reel in hand, we’re gonna make this short and sweet:

What: The Wizard101 Fishing Tournament
When: February 21, 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central Standard Time
Where: The Spiral!

60,000 Crowns will go to the three lucky wizards who catch:

  • The Largest fish
  • The Shortest fish
  • The largest quantity of Epic fish (Blackberry Jellyfish, Boss Hog, Bubba Fish, Cranky Catfish, Errol Fynn, Goldfin-ger, Musushi, Polar Bear Acuda, Rune Fish, Silver Streak, Sturgeon General)

10,000 Crowns will go to the anglers who reel in:

  • The most Dekoi type fish (Corroded Dekoi, Fabled Dekoi, Frost Dekoi, Jolted Dekoi, Mainstream Dekoi, Mud Dekoi)
  • The smallest Jellyfish type fish (Strawberry Jellyfish, Marmalade Jellyfish, Grape Jellyfish, and Blackberry Jellyfish)
  • The smallest Eel type fish (Dragon Eel and Krokotopian Eel)
  • The largest Codfather
  • The largest Todd Pole

The rules, taken straight from the Wizard101 website, can be found below:

1- We’ll be tracking all the fish received by our players on February 21st.
2- We’ll total up the numbers here at KingsIsle, and on February 23rd, we’ll give out the awards and announce our winners
3- Only fish that are successfully acquired by players from February 21st at 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central on February 21st will count toward the total. Any pre-existing fish will not count.
4- Winners will be announced and awarded on 23 February.
5- This contest is open to all (not just members) – just catch any fish on February 21st to enter.
6- You may sell your fish or put them in your player housing after you acquire them.
7- Fish are counted per character, not per account.
8- Please contact if you have additional questions.
9- In the case of a tie, the winners will be determined by who caught the winning-sized fish first.

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