Winterbane Bundle NOW ONLINE!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or buried in snow over the past few days, you probably know the Winterbane Bundle is now available for Wizard101! We’ll break down the contents of this one after the jump…

EDIT: The Winterbane Bundle has been available elsewhere for some time, but is now available online at Thanks to Blainy Kid for helping set us straight.

Aside from the cutest darn polar bear cub I’ve ever seen (it’s just so wonderfully derpy with that horned helmet kind of sitting askew on his head), the Winterbane Bundle contains the Thane’s Hall Dungeon, a War Boar mount (which looks super intimidating with all that armor), the Winterbane Armor set, a Winterbane Axe and Shield, and either one month of subscription time or 5,000 Crowns.

I haven’t stepped into the Thane’s Hall Dungeon yet, so I can’t give a good firsthand report on that, but I have enviously watched folks riding that War Boar mount around. It’s very strong and fierce looking; I approve. The armor set looks like it has some pretty good stats, as most armor sets from the big bundle cards do, but I’m not wild about the look. The axe and shield have decent stats as well, but, again, I don’t know if they fit the genre. Then again, that’s why we’ve got stitching. 😉 All told I think it’s a pretty solid bundle, particularly if you like that kind of Grizzleheimesque theme.

If you pick one up, send us a screencap of your wizard wearing the armor! Our e-mail is, and we’d love to post a few of those pictures.

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  1. Just a correctional side not. The Winterbane Bundle has been available for Wizard101 for months now. Now it is available for ONLINE purchase. 🙂

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