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This is Me,

From the many games I’ve played, you may have known me as Angel Angle, Angel Bane, Ian Ire, Kraegor, Krae or even Kraege. Lots of character names, eh? In reality, and to make things easier, on the show I am Jeff. I am a gamer. My life is mostly about games, although my family comes first.

What games do I play? Easier to list the types I don’t enjoy. Hmm, there were some around here awhile ago. Ah yes, dancing games are… um, no. I’ll play those with my family if pressured. Come to think of it, while I might not enjoy a game here or there, I’m willing to test most games to see what I like about them. I even tried the game that shall not be named, even if we can call it World of Warcraft now.

There you have it. I’ll try most any game. If you’d like to hear my opinion of any game out there, just give me a shout and I’ll do what I can. I will say those games that require a purchase will probably be left out. I’m sorry, yet real life bills and such come first (except for Pokemon XY which is already anticipated).

Be safe out there and enjoy,


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