What Scares Us? CONTEST ENDED!

We didn’t get this Halloween contest in, so we’re going to extend the season a bit, because this prize is not only a really fun one, but it comes with some crowns that I know some folks will be very grateful for when the test realm goes live.


Many of you probably saw Chris tease me a bit about  my coulrophobia, my fear of clowns over social media this past week. And while clowns are terrifying and should be terminated with extreme prejudice, it did get me to thinking – what are some kind of unusual phobias might my fellow wizards and pirates have?

So send in an email to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject PHOBIA CONTEST with your unusual phobia and get it in by Wednesday, November 19, at 12:01am Central Standard Time. I’m gonna pick five entries at random and those lucky five folks will win a Pirate101 Rainbow Friendship Mask and 2,000 Crowns. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “What Scares Us? CONTEST ENDED!

  1. I have a fear of passing big rigs on the highway. I feel like they won’t be able to see me and the will switch to my lane and hit me. Or I worry they are not paying attention or are sleepy and will drift into my lane and hit me. It’s gotten worse over time and it’s start to affect the way I drive. I find it so much easier to fly/drive my mounts in wizard 101. My Fa La La La Llama is a trusty steed indeed.

    • I know what you mean about passing 18-wheelers on the highway. Make sure you e-mail us (spiralradio101@gmail.com) your response so we can get you entered into the contest! Comments on the post don’t constitute an entry.

  2. my biggest fear? hmm, well if its one thing its all of the possible ways are earth can get destroyed. there are far to many theories and matters capable of ending it all. aside from that the only other thing I am scared of is disease *cough cough* ebola *cough cough*.

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