Wizard101 Appetizers Part Deux

Yesterday we pored over just what those first two pieces of artwork might mean. Well, today KI released EVEN MORE new art for us to look over. Let’s begin…


Aside from the fact that it’s alive, this appears to be a pretty standard gargoyle. We get nothing from the world of architecture, as gargoyles have existed as both utilitarian and decorative additions to structures built everywhere from Ancient Egypt to Modern America. The weapon is a conventional halberd, wielded by various armies until the late 18th century. Aside from the fact that it looks creepy and would fit really well in that temple from yesterday’s offering, I’ve got nothing.



I totally dig his sword and hope it becomes available as a wand, but otherwise this knight’s giving me nothing. He would, however, seem right at home in a spooky castle…

My conclusion is that the Boar is from a very different cultural and perhaps geographical unit than these guys, and probably not a resident of that spooky castle we saw as yesterday’s second picture. The two guys we see above, however, probably are.

Our Appetizers contest continues! Be sure and check out yesterday’s post for details about the contest and get your entry in to win a Wizard101 pet!

3 thoughts on “Wizard101 Appetizers Part Deux

  1. is it okay if I wait until late this weekend to collect all the artwork KI shares with us to put together a whole well detailed theory? I think something from the TV cartoon series Chaotic is being brought into work in the next upcoming world 🙂

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