Wizard101 Appetizers!

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men…or…boars?

Well, the answer to that, of course, is The Shadow. The less obvious answer, of course, is the strikingly powerful wizard from Ravenwood Academy. And it’s time to pick apart some new artwork!

Today we got two new pieces of art ostensibly from a soon-to-come update for Wizard101! We could sit and pick them apart, sure, or…we could let you do it! (And offer some prizes for doing so…)

Consider Exhibit A…

The first thing that draws my eye (aside from his lovely golden blonde locks) is his weapon. My first thought was it resembled a Monk’s Spade, a traditional weapon/tool of Shaolin monks of ancient China. The coloring of his garb and weapon are maybe a bit showy for an ancient Chinese monastic order, but it’s worth thinking about. And while we’ve delved deep into an Asian culture in Mooshu, we see more elements of Japanese culture (Samurai, Ninja, etc.) than any other Asian culture.

Let’s dig into Exhibit B:

As I was thinking about the Shaolin given the earlier image, I decided to look at some period Chinese architecture. This is from a Shaolin temple:


I believe it’s been dolled up a bit as more of a tourist attraction, but I see some similarities in the structures, particularly the roofs.

Okay, enough of my theorizing, let’s talk about YOURS! Send an e-mail to and tell me what you think we’re looking at for the forthcoming Wizard101 update! I’m going to pick one out every day starting tomorrow, October 31, through Wednesday, November 5, and send that person a random pet! Let those creative juices flow and good luck!






6 thoughts on “Wizard101 Appetizers!

  1. Well my theory is that the new update Is a new dungeon that is only for lvl 100 wizards.
    I think it might also be mooshu related older worlds do make a comeback just like the new spiral gauntlet dungeon based on wystria ( idk if I spell that right ).

    P.s I love the podcast I just started listening last week!!

    • Nope! I’ll tell you they all currently exist in game. Some are bundle pets, some are not. We’ll also be giving them out at random, but we’ll be sure and tell you what pet it is so you can decide if you want to go ahead and redeem it or make one of your friends’ days by giving it to them.

  2. I have just discover this and didn’t even know it existed till now! Wish you all had sent us an Email on it sooner!
    Wm Newman aka William ThunderSword @ Wizard101.

    • We don’t make announcements via e-mail. If you keep an eye on our Twitter feed, the web page, and make sure to check out every show you’ll never miss a contest. 🙂

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