Staff of the Imperator

The Staff of the Imperator

Staff of the ImperatorI thought they were gone. I thought we’d lost them forever, like those little floaty things you blow off flowers that are actually weeds and in reality really mess with people’s allergies. I’m talking about the Staff of the Imperator, and how you could get one super easy.

And when I said super easy, I mean super easy. Take the following:


Each code can be redeemed at – first come, first served. We have plenty more to give away and we’ll be giving some out at the live show on Wednesday, October 8. In fact, if you show up at that show and want one, I can just about guarantee we’ll make it happen.

Have a great wizarding (or pirating) day!

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    • The show starts at 8:45pm Central on Wednesday the 8th. At that time click the ‘Listen Live’ link at the top of the web page here. It will open up a window where you can listen to the show live and chat with the rest of our live show listeners. You can keep up with the show and any news about it by following our Twitter feed.

  1. I’ve been really wanting this wand and unfortunately the codes were redeemed in a few minutes after the post and I wasn’t able to watch the show. I was wondering if you were going to give some codes out again or do a contest and the prize would be this wand. Thanks!

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