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I’ve been spending many, many pieces of gold trying to breed and train exactly the right Wizard101 pet with no luck. He’ll come up with a talent I like…and then two talents that are less than great. While it’s kind of frustrating, it had me thinking it would be cool if pets had some other abilities, maybe some other may-casts or other passive benefits they could grant their owners…and even cooler if those new abilities could win me some awesome Wizard101 goodies…

With that in mind, we want you to develop a new Wizard101 pet ability! Devise a name for the ability as well as exactly what it does and e-mail it to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject PET CONTEST. Make sure to include your wizard name and get it in by 12:01am Central time on Wednesday, September 24.

Prizes? Oh yeah, we got prizes. Starting September 13 and going through September 24, we’ll pick one entry per day at random and award them a randomly selected Wizard101 pet from our pet stash! Could be an Arcane Helper, a Betta Fish, a Babydactyl, a Bumble Bee, a Giraffe, a Nighthawk, a Polar Bear Cub, a Shaolin Monkey, a Snake in Basket, a Stegasaurus, or a Trojan Horse.

Then we’ll pick our two favorites on the 24th! Those folks will one of the aforementioned pets at random as well as their choice of Arcane Builder’s Castles (which could be the Midday Estates, the Meadows at Dusk, or the Night Gardens). Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Create a New Pet Ability – CONTEST

  1. I came up with an excellent idea and sent it in. About how long until i either get a message or the end of the contest? I’m new here…… I’ve been playing wizard101 for a while though.

    • The contest ends on September 24, which is the date of our next show. However, we’re going to start sending out random daily prizes this weekend! Keep an eye on your mailbox. 🙂

  2. I also fogot to add the first time I sent it I kinda forgot the instructions. So I sent it again with correct Title this time.

  3. I love my new pet ability idea!! The Pick Pocket, lol if you have any pull with the developers, please tell them to think about it!!

    • The daily winners are announced via our Twitter feed (@spiralradio101), and the winners of the larger prizes will be announced on the podcast. Any prize winner is always notified with their prize code via e-mail.

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