Where Are You Guys???

I saw a Tweet today wondering where we were – we haven’t had a show go live for a month after another absence from the air. It’s a fair question, so I wanted to bring everyone up to date.

I was in an automobile accident on Tuesday, August 26th. Without going into too much detail, it was more than just a little fender bender. I broke some ribs, sprained my left hand, and bruised my abdominals pretty severely. Needless to say, I wasn’t really in a good place to do a podcast.

We had two contests due to wrap up in the episode we would have recorded on the 27th, and we made sure to select and notify winners. I hope those folks are enjoying those prizes now and we’ll be sure to properly recognize them on our next show.

…which will be


I hope you’ll join us at 8:45pm Central time right here at – we’re gonna talk about all kinds of developments in KI gaming and beyond over the past month, give away some prizes, and maybe have a little get together afterwards. Really hope to see you there!


6 thoughts on “Where Are You Guys???

  1. Stephen, sorry to hear about that; sounds soooo painful! Glad you recovering, though, and I am looking forward to the next show!

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. Take care I know its hard but remember to take deep breaths to prevent lung complications. Get well soon

    • The ER doctor gave me that very same advice. It really did hurt, but not as badly anymore. What really hurt was sneezing and laughing – it didn’t help that my daughter kept trying to cheer me up by being the funny, clever girl she is. 🙂

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