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Firefly in Arrrgust – CONTEST

Take my love
Take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don’t care
I’m still free
You can’t take the sky from me

You’re looking at the opening stanza to Firefly, and the gateway to our big Arrrgust contest…keep flyin’, my friends, and let’s give some crowns away…


firefly crew(click to enlarge)

(From left to right: Jayne, Kaylee, Book, Simon, Inara, Mal, Zoe, Wash, and River)

You gaze upon the cast of one of the greatest sceince-fiction programs of our time, Firefly. Perhaps released before its time to a televison-audience that wasn’t ready for sci-fi that was so ‘out of the box’, Firefly was plagued by network tinkering and eventually cancelled after only 14 episodes were aired. Television is much the poorer for this selfish and short-sighted decision. (The DVD release went on to become one of the best selling DVD sets ever.)

Okay, enough of my complaining about the fate of Firefly. Let’s move on to the good stuff! The Pirate101 skyways are full of pirates of all sorts: heroic pirates, nefarious pirates, smart pirates, not-so-smart pirates, tough pirates, scheming pirates…it takes all kinds. The crew of the Firefly was much the same; each brought a unique persona and skillset to the table. And therein lies our contest…

Spiral Radio101 wants you to re-cast Firefly using members of the Pirate101 community*! Send your new cast to Include a brief reason why for each choice, like I’d pick John as Wash because he’s kind of goofy, and very funny, but also incredibly good at what he does; I’d pick Tracy as Zoe because she is a strong and no-nonsense kind of woman, but is also one of the kindest and most honorable people I know. Miss Narrator would be Kaylee, because she has a great light-hearted demeanor and a ready laugh, and Ditto would be Mal, simply because I love the idea of a Fabricated-American commanding the Serenity.

So what’s in it for you? Starting Saturday, August 23, we’ll pick an entry at random every day, and that lucky pirate will take home 1,000 Crowns. On the 27th, we’ll pick three entries we like, and each will take home 5,000 Crowns. We’ll also pick a Grand Prize Winner who will win 10,000 Crowns!

I realize this might require a little homework for some folks unfamiliar with Firefly, so here are some resources:

Wikipedia entry on Firefly

IMDB entry on Firefly

Watch Firefly on Hulu (Firefly is rated TV-PG)

Use the caption FIREFLY CONTEST and get your entry in to no later than 12:01am Central time on August 27, but I’d get it in ASAP. Let us know if you have any questions either in comments or at GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY ARRRGUST!

* if you’re having trouble finding members of the community to match with each character, maybe fit in an NPC or two (like Boochbeard, Gandry, Captain Avery, or Bonnie Anne) – we’d primarily like to see live members of the community, but understand if someone doesn’t know that many people.

19 thoughts on “Firefly in Arrrgust – CONTEST

    • You could mix in a few NPCs (like Boochbeard, Gandry, Bonnie Anne, or Captain Avery) if you need to, but we’d primarily like to see other people from the community.

    • Re-cast the show Firefly with members of the Pirate101 community or NPCs from Pirate101. I hope that helps – I’m afraid that’s as simple as I can make it.

  1. subodai as mal, bonnie anne as zoe, captain avery as wash, sarah steele as inara
    ,sherriff cogburn as Jayne, gracie Conrad as kaylee, timmy as river, barnabus as derail, ol’ fish eye as dr. simon tam

    • Melody, please be sure your entry was emailed to the show’s address. I can’t reach you if we don’t have your email address. Sorry to be confusing but Stephen had a little fender-bender and I’m handling the details of the prizes this time around. Our email address is above, please write soon!

  2. This has to be the most irrelevant and stupid contest I have ever heard of. Just because you have some fixation with Firefly don’t thrust your obsession on others. This is very selfish and foolish of you, which also has nothing at all to do with Pirate101! Not sure how you are a fansite of P101, sounds more like you should be a fansite for Firefly. I will not be entering your contest and I am sure most wont, because no offense, it is poorly thought out and has nothing to do with Pirate101. You should feel ashamed of yourself for such a poorly constructed and selfish contest.


    • Just because Spiral Radio 101 is an official Pirate101 fansite, that does not obligate them to make contests Pirate101 themed, nor does obligate them to meat YOUR standards and ideas. Now please have a bit of self respect and acknowledge your own foolishness and selfishness!

  3. this was super hard… i used mostly npc because i don’t know to many community leaders personally to compare their personality/traits with these characters i have currently started watching the show.. 3 episodes in and i’m loving it… but its hard to see who you guys would be… i went with only the few i knew a little about

  4. Hello friends and detractors,

    The contest deadline has passed. As you may know, Stephen was in an auto accident two days ago and things got bogged down. I am doing to go my best to get the prizes out right away. Please be kind, I do this very rarely and there are many detailed steps to getting it done right! Thanks, Christina

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