Something Fishy – CONTEST!

Fishing is big. Like super big. It’s brought a ton of people back to the Spiral to cast their lines, and I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t enjoy it. So with that in mind, we’re having a little caption contest. Press on, my friends, and let’s get that lure in the water…


Take a look at this image…


Click on it for a larger image…

We’re looking for is a great caption for this image! Send it in to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject CAPTION CONTEST. You don’t necessarily have to download the image and manipulate it if you aren’t quite sure how to do that, just the caption itself is fine. You’ve got until 12:01am Central time on Wednesday, August 27th to get those entries in!

And on SpiralRadio101 #19 we’ll give away some prizes! 5 randomly picked winners will take home a prize pack containing a random regular aquarium, a fishing luck elixir, an energy elixir, and 1,000 crowns! Then we’ll take 3 we liked and those folks will receive a code for a random aquarium set, a fishing luck elixir, an energy elixir, and 2,500 crowns.

And finally, we’ll take our two favorites, the creme de la creme of captions, and award those two people…well…gosh…lots of stuff. Here goes:

Keeper Aquarium Set

Large Aquarium Set

Regular Aquarium Set

Tall Aquarium Set

Fishing Luck Elixir

Energy Elixir

5000 Crowns


14 thoughts on “Something Fishy – CONTEST!

    • We want to keep things fair for everyone, so just one entry per person. We’d love to look at more if you have some more funny ideas, but it will only count as one contest entry.

  1. So, do we send in an image with the caption or just the text itself? Assuming we aren’t good at image manipulation.

  2. OH! Sorry to here that. :{ Hope everybody is ok and not too much damage was done. Don’t worry about us, we loyal fans understand. Take care of your self, Get better soon 🙂

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