Capturing a New Pirate – CONTEST

Back in days of yore, many folks didn’t sign up to be able seamen. They were forcefully conscripted into service either by the government or by pirates. Press gangs would roam the streets of seaside ports, capturing able-bodied men to crew their ships whether they wanted to or not.

Nowadays we’re a bit more civilized, and that could work out to your advantage – read on…

Chris (and, to a lesser extent, myself) is currently introducing a new player to Wizard101. This is an MMO veteran we’re talking about. Forged in the hot fires of World of Warcraft and the like, and a hardcore gamer as well. She really likes the pet aspect of Wizard101, and is a fan of the Pirate genre, but we still need to really hook her. Maybe you could give us a hand?

Send me, IN ONE SENTENCE, what aspect of Pirate101 you find the most fun? Email it to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject NEW PIRATE CONTEST and please include your pirate name! Over the next two weeks, and at completely random times, I’m going to pick ten entrants at random and send them a prize. Could be some crowns, could be a pet, could be both. I might do three one day and none the next – the schedule is completely random.

Then, on Wednesday, July 16, I’m going to pick three entries at random – each of those will win a Hammerhead Shark pet and 5,000 crowns. Then we’ll pick our two favorites – each of those will take home a Clown Fish Pet and 10,000 crowns. Now the winner on this is going to be the one who has a great aspect of the game they enjoy. “Because it’s super rad.” isn’t going to win. “Because Pirates are totally sweet.” Nope – not a winner. “You get to command a unit of colorful companions in tactical turn-based combat.” Now you’re getting somewhere.

Entries must be in no later than 12:01am Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, July 16, but the earlier you enter the better! Please include your pirate name! Good luck!

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