Quote Like a Pirate Contest!

I think it’s no secret that I love Star Wars. Love it. I watch it in sickness and in health. I watch it in good weather and in bad. I watch it alone and in groups of my closest friends. Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope is, for my money, the greatest movie ever made.

So what does this have to do with a ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ contest? Read on…

My favorite quote from the movie Star Wars takes place when Obi-Wan, Luke and the droids are heading in to Mos Eisley spaceport and are stopped by Imperial Stormtroopers. Obi-Wan gets his Jedi on and they slip right through.

“You don’t need to see his identification … These aren’t the droids you’re looking for … He can go about his business.”


So how would a pirate say this? It’s tough, but I think something like this:

“Ye don’ need to be seein’ his papers and this ain’t the plunder ye be searchin’ fer…he can set sail.”

Time for you to do a little translating! Take your favorite quote from a movie, a book, a TV show, a video game – whatever you like, and translate it into Pirate! Then e-mail both the original quote (and where its from) as well as your pirate translation to spiralradio101@gmail.com. Use the subject QUOTE CONTEST and you just might win a little plunder of you’re own. (Remember, entries must be e-mailed in! Comments will not be considered as contest entries!) Be sure to include your Pirate name!

Christina and I will pick one we really like and that pirate will win:

A Cutthroat Shark companion – this is the one that came with the Cutthroat bundle and he is FIERCE! That winner will also take home 10,000 Crowns!

Then we’ll pick three at random – each will win a Military Sabre (fantastic weapon for a Buccaneer or Privateer) and 5,000 Crowns!

Get your entries in soon! The contest officially starts on Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) and entries MUST BE RECEIVED by 12:01AM Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, October 2.

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