A Little Summer Reading – CONTEST!

On the recently recorded Spiral Radio101 #14 we gave y’all an extensive list of potential reading material for the summer, but now it’s your turn. You see, we all need books to read too, and we’ll make it worth your while to help us out.

Send in the title of your favorite book OF ALL TIME, with title, author, and why this is your favorite to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject BOOK CONTEST.

Starting Monday, May 26 and going through Monday, June 2, we’re gonna pick one entry at random every day. That lucky person will win a random crown cache…could be 50, could be 5000, could be anywhere in between. Then, on Spiral Radio101 #15 we’ll pick two more entries at random who will win a crown cache worth anywhere from 750 to 15,000 crowns. Finally, we’re gonna pick our favorite of all the entries, and that lucky wizard will win one of those crown caches AND a random mastery amulet worth…what, like 10,000 crowns or something? A lot, I know that.

Get your entries in by 12:01am on Wednesday, June 4th, and be sure to include your wizard or other community name! Good luck!

16 thoughts on “A Little Summer Reading – CONTEST!

  1. Hey Stephen, I have another question for you. Is this contest only for Wizard101, or is it also for Pirate101 as well?

    Please e-mail me back,
    Cheers, Quick James Hawkins

    • Crowns can be spent in either Wizard101 or Pirate101 (you share your crown bank between games), but the Mastery Amulet is Wizard101 only.

      PS: I’m happy to reply to e-mail questions via e-mail, but I prefer to reply to comment questions via comments – it’s just easier for me. 🙂

    • I’ve been out of town for about the last week and almost completely AFK. I’m hoping to catch up today or tomorrow, which would include sending out codes to the winners.

    • Prizes have been sent out. The winner of the grand prize was announced on the episode we recorded on Wednesday the 18th which should be available on iTunes and on the web page within the next few days. We won’t be posting them separately – if you won, you received your prize code. 🙂

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