Fly (and Fight) For Free??? – CONTEST!

Ahoy, airmen (and airwomen…airpeople?)! We’re gonna have a little ‘off-the-show’ contest. And the prize? Well…how would you like your own copy of Guns of Icarus Online?

(That’s right…a Beyond the Spiral contest.)

And all you have to do is respond! Shoot an e-mail to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the topic ‘FLY FREE’. On Wednesday, May 28th, I’ll select one entry at random and give them a code for a free copy of the greatest team-based airship combat game EVAR!

Guns of Icarus Online is not rated by the ESRB, but contains violence. It’s also a multiplayer game, so while most of the people who play the game are good folks, there’s an occasional bad apple. You’ll also need a Steam account (which is free to set up) to redeem the code.

(Or, if you just don’t want to wait, you can currently purchase Guns of Icarus Online from Steam for $3.75.)

Good luck!

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