Set Your Goals – CONTEST

I have plenty of KI and other gaming goals this year. I’ll bet you do too – let’s talk about ’em! And while we’re at it, let’s give some stuff away!

So I’ve got a few gaming goals this summer: I want to get my storm wizard, Flint Stormcaller, through Celestia before the end of June. I want to finish the current end content in Pirate101 with my Musketeer by the end of summer. I want to get my Crusader to level 70 before the end of July, and I want to get my Illuminati character in The Secret World to where she can use QL10 gear by the end of June. Lots of things to do!

Goals are important in everything we do. They help inspire and drive us, give us something to work for. And it feels so good to finally take one into the end zone. So what are your gaming goals this summer?

Shoot us an e-mail to spiralradio101@gmail.com with the subject GOAL CONTEST. We’re gonna pick five responses completely at random and each will win 5,000 gold and a random tier 7 Dueling Diego prize! Could be anything – maybe training tomes, maybe a really rare housing item, but tier 7 is the brass ring – it’s gonna be good.

Then we’ll pick one we really like and that person will win one of the aforementioned prize packs AND a Hoodoo Cornelius companion AND a Witchdoctor’s Lab housing item!

So how do you get to be that one we really like? It’s not all in the goal – present it in a creative or clever way. We’ll get a lot that will read, “I wanna make max level.” The winner is going to have a unique way of presenting that goal to us.

Make sure to include your pirate or other community name! The deadline is 12:01AM Central time on May 21, 2014 – good luck!

2 thoughts on “Set Your Goals – CONTEST

  1. Hi, my name is Chris and I have many many goals by the end of the summer. My promo storm I would like to take to 100. My level 66 ice I’d like to level through Avalon or zafaria at least. My new account I’d love to get a good pet going on it with great stats. I’d like to get all of my gardens going on all of my wizards with at least 50 evil magma peas on my main account. My new account I’d like to take it through Krysalis and get level 100 jade gear on it.

    I hope this was informative: thank you for this contest :D!

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