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Bring Forth The Questions!

Looking for an expert opinion about Wizard101? Maybe you wanna see if you can stump a real virtuoso of the game? Or perhaps you’re just looking for specific in-game advice. I think I can help, but you’re gonna have to hurry. (Oh yeah, it just might be worth your while too…)

With Christina buried under yet another mountain of homework (Pro Tip – graduate school is not for the faint of heart), we conscripted the Right Honourable Corwin Mythcrafter into service!¬†Corwin is one of the most savvy wizards I know, both in and out of the Spiral (I’m talking Magic: The Gathering – he’s not throwing spells around IRL…at least I don’t think so).

So let’s take advantage of this guy’s knowledge! Bring me your questions of any kind regarding Wizard101 to and bring them SOON! We’ll read off both e-mail questions and live chat room questions for¬†Corwin and get his well-versed take on everything from Wizard City to Khrysalis.

And we’ll pick two questions at random – each will win a Pagoda Gauntlet AND a Winterbane Gauntlet!

Fire away! You’ve got until showtime on April 23rd, so get those questions in!

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