Blown Away by a Puzzle?

I wanted to tell you all about an amazing gaming experience I had this weekend. Let me preface it by saying two things:

1) It regards The Secret World, which is an MMO that is rated M by the ESRB. This post is suitable to be read by anyone, however…

2) This post will totally spoil an early puzzle in TSW. If you’re playing and still in early-mid Kingsmouth, you might want to skip this.

Here we go…

The puzzle starts with my character coming across an abandoned black SUV. Tinted windows, no license plates, very suspicious – very M.I.B. The rear hatch is mysteriously open, and there’s a laptop computer inside. Just beyond the SUV are two bodies laying face down – they dead. It’s a man and a woman, both dressed, you guessed it, in black suits with black shoes.

I checked the laptop first. Wouldn’t you know it was password protected? It does provide a password hint:


This is when I went to check out the bodies. Each had identification from some company called the Orochi Group, which included their name, employee number, and e-mail address. The man and the woman had different surnames, but I tried her name anyway. No luck. There were no other clues listed. I was lost.

Jeff gave me a hint, “The clue is right there on the ID badge. Where could you look for information about an employee?”

The Secret World has an in-game web browser for just this kind of thing. I brought it up and went to the Orochi Group website. Sure enough, IT’S A REAL SITE! Funcom, the folks behind TSW, actually created a real ‘fake’ site with clues for the game. I was able to search for the guy using his employee number and find out his wife’s name. Laptop unlocked, mission accomplished.

This game is still not for young people – it earns that M rating. Just the same, I have to give them MASSIVE props for a really inventive puzzle. It was really exciting and I had a great time solving it.

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