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I play A LOT of games. Steam loves me. Heck, I’m beloved throughout the game development community. With this in mind, I’m kind of thinking about a new, semi-regular streaming feature I’d like to do. Maybe you can help me out…

One of my favorite aspects of trying a new game for the first time is learning the mechanics. I love figuring out how to move, how to attack, how to interact with others and with the environment, and just how this new game world works. I don’t think I’m alone in this – I think we all kinda dig it.

With that in mind, I’d like to take an afternoon once or twice a month and do a ‘Let’s Try…’ streaming session. I’d take a game suggested by a friend, family member, or someone in the community and give it a go for a few hours live on our Twitch.TV channel. It’d give all of us a chance to check out a game we might be interested in and haven’t tried, or maybe haven’t even heard of, and I imagine watching me stumble about through the first few steps in a new world might be fun for us all.

And I need your help! What should I try out? Any recommendations? Free-to-play games would be great, but I might be willing to pick up a game if it’s reasonably priced. Cooperative multiplayer games would be appreciated as well so I can play them with Christina, Jeff, John, Tracy, or even other members of the community. I’d also like to keep the ESRB rating below T. Finally, I’m just looking at PC games – no console or mobile games, please.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your feedback!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Try…

  1. Personally, I think Marvel: Avengers Alliance would be perfect… fish! It’s on Facebook actually so you might want to play in fullscreen 😛 I don’t know if an ESRB rating even exists, but I’m pretty sure it would be T

  2. I recommend Ragnarok Online. This is a free to play MMORPG where you choose a class (in this game, it’s called a job) and level up by defeating mobs. It’s like Wizard101 in a way where you get to learn spells according to your chosen job as you progress. This game has a massive world map and has a huge replay value. You level up until 100 and then you get to choose an upgrade of your job. This will send you back to level one but upgrading will give you access to more powerful spells.

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