Spiral Radio101 #9 Postponed

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to announce that we won’t be doing a live show this Wednesday, February 26. Christina’s school schedule has shifted into high gear and I have a new job-type thing (in addition to my current day job) that’s requiring a little more work than I thought it might.

The good news is my new job-type thing is pretty awesome and I think everybody will be kind of excited about it when it goes public. šŸ˜‰ (No, I didn’t get hired on at KI, but, you know, I am available…)

So we’re sorry there won’t be an episode recorded live on February 26, and we’ll be back with you on March 12th!

(Editing tonight, for realz! I had some serious technical issues over the weekend and came this close to losing the audio from our last show. Hopefully we’ll haveĀ episode 8Ā posted on the site and on iTunes by tomorrow.)

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