SR101 News Bites

newspaperI wanted to touch base on a few news items regarding the site and the show. I promise I won’t keep you long. ūüėČ Seriously – two minutes and out.

(Okay…maybe three. Four tops…)

Our fundraising drive got off to a great start, but has kind of stalled. I implore everyone who listens to the show or checks out the blog to please consider a donation with the PayPal button on the right. Every penny helps.

– John Lifeglen boldly put pen to paper to¬†discuss the first M rated game we’ve reported on in his most recent What’s In a Game column reviewing The Secret World. I know there are folks who are concerned and perhaps even upset that we’ve covered a game that is somewhat family-unfriendly, and I can understand those concerns.¬†We remain focused on KingsIsle and the Wizards and Pirates that inhabit the Spiral, but we are also adults who game. The blog gives us room to discuss those games that we¬†feel might not be a good fit¬†for¬†the podcast. We welcome your thoughts on the matter either as a post comment or via e-mail to

– The Tapestry giveaway has ended. While I continue to send out prize codes (260 down, about 50 to go as of February 4), we’re out of the Tapestry business for the time being. They’ll be back, I assure you. We want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to KingsIsle for working with us and making sure we had Teleport Tapestries for the giveaway and more for other various contests during the course of 2014.

– What else is ahead for 2014? Our Twitch stream is going to be home to League of Legends 101 with Professor John Lifeglen, our Top Secret Pirate101 project (really looking forward to this one),¬†the adventures of the Airship-To-Be-Named-Later in Guns of Icarus Online, Flint Stormcaller’s Journeys Through Celestia, and many more live events. We’re also thinking about recording some footage to post on YouTube at a later time. I hope you’ll join us.


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